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Natasha-Moshe-paperIt’s fascinating when you see your comedy friends and acquaintances taking huge strides forward. It’s as if there is a veil between this regular ordinary world and the world of fame and they have managed to pierce it. SUSC was nervous about interviewing Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher, Moshe has always been a pretty brilliant and intense Mofo and Natasha is a fast rising star whose stage persona is barbed and sharp. Natasha is crushing it on her co-written, produced and directed Comedy Central show Another Period and Moshe just launched a “coming to Showtime”  series slated to be directed by the Russo Brothers. You can catch The Honeymoon Tour in Santa Cruz at The Vet’s Hall on June 6th. Tickets here:

Natasha: Natasha

Moshe: Moshe

SUSC: Hey this is DNA in Santa Cruz, how you guys doing?

Moshe: Good DNA, how are you man?

SUSC: Thanks for giving me a little bit of time for an interview this morning. Congratulations on the getting married, that’s awesome.

Moshe: Thanks. We’re excited about the marketing opportunities.

SUSC: Is this your official honeymoon or are you doing something else?

Natasha: We went to Bora Bora and that wasn’t fancy enough for Moshe.

Moshe: Right. I wanted to go to Santa Cruz. We read about  a couple in the 16th Century that went on a 15 year honeymoon and came back from their honeymoon with two children. So we thought we would extend our honeymoon by visiting some of our favorite places in the United States.

SUSC: I looked up other funny couples to see what they did on their honeymoon.

Natasha: Oh, that’s so smart. What did they do?

SUSC: They went to Britain and had pictures of themselves taken that are now on Pinterest. I don’t know if that was their plan but, that’s how it ended up.  Have you ever done a tour together before?

Natasha: I’ve never really done a tour. I’ve definitely done stand-up and travelled the country. But not a proper tour.

Moshe: You know, as a comic, it’s lonely on the road when you’re by yourself.

Natasha: You have to find some waitress’ because your wife’s not there.

Moshe: It sucks. You have to find a waitress. It’s a lot of work.

Natasha: You’re not going to act weird after four days.

Moshe: It’s pretty cool to go on the road with a friend. And it’s even better if it’s your wife.

Natasha: Or a lover.

Moshe: We did do a show in New Orleans every year on April Fools Day and this is a new tradition.

Natasha: We’re going to be on the road doing this for ten years, is what he’s trying to say.

SUSC: With Another Period starting its second season it must really tie you down. Are you excited about being on a working vacation?

Natasha: Is producing/writing and starring in your own TV show a working vacation?

Moshe: No, he’s saying is going on tour a working vacation.

Natasha: Of course it’s a working vacation. Travelling is so fun and I feel lucky to have been in so many great places in America. If it wasn’t for comedy, I probably would never have been to Philadelphia or Detroit. For this tour on the West Coast, I think it’s all cities I’ve been to. Although, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Santa Cruz.

Moshe: Yes you have. We’ve been to Santa Cruz together.

Natasha: Is it near Santa Barbara?

Moshe: No. It’s in the Bay Area.

Natasha: Sorry. I’m from Illinois.

Moshe: Remember we got the burrito? Right by the ocean?

Natasha: Oh. That was good. That’s where we’re going?

Moshe: One of the places.

Natasha: Awesome.

SUSC: How do you decide who headlines on a honeymoon tour?

Moshe: I do because I’m a man.

Natasha: No. Moshe and I alternate.

Moshe: Yeah, we go back and forth. We switch off.

Natasha: I don’t know any comics that have a terrible hang-up about who goes first and who goes second. I like going first because it’s when the crowd is fresh and you can still create what you want.

Moshe: The sweet spot is going in the middle. Hey!! We’re trying to do thematic bands at all our shows, so if you know a surf rock band.

Natasha: We just want it to be a party.

SUSC: Did I read you are bringing a trailer with you? Are you camping out this tour? Or are you staying in hotels?

Natasha: Well, we are staying in some hotels. Moshe has this little Scamp trailer from the ‘60s that he takes to burning man every year. So we are finding a new use for it.

Moshe: Some of the time we will be camping in the trailer and that represents my interest. Sometimes we will be staying in crushed velvet linens at The Four Seasons which represents Natasha’s interests.

SUSC: Natasha, are you hitting the mics getting ready for this tour?

Natasha: I like getting up at The Comedy Store. I’m in editing right now of Season Two of Another Period which debuts in June, so my days are pretty full with that. By the time we get out, it’s pretty late. I’m just trying to go up a couple of times a week. Or, “hit the mics”, as you say.

SUSC: Now that you’re a celebrity is it easier to bump other comics to get stage time?

Natasha: Honestly, I’ve never done that. I don’t know. The Comedy Store is pretty good about giving me spots.

Moshe: She’s bumped me sometimes just to do a celebrity set.

Natasha: I never thought it was hard to get spots. I would perform anywhere. I used to do an open mic every Sunday at 3:30 in the afternoon at an ice cream parlor in Santa Monica. I would find wherever to get up. But I am lucky to be a regular at The Comedy Store.

SUSC: When was the first time you noticed each other? Was it at a comedy show? Was it at a party?

Moshe: I think the first time she noticed me was when I was on a show at a comedy festival in Vancouver. I went before her and I destroyed so hard that she was like, “Not only do I not want to follow that guy, I don’t want to follow him for the rest of his life.” I ended up changing her mindset and here we are today.

SUSC: Natasha, Moshe destroyed before you went on. How did that turn into a marriage?

Natasha: That’s not what happened.

Moshe: Yeah, it is. We knew each other from comedy for a long time. We were not romantic and then eventually when life settled down for both of us. She was single and I was ready to not be aggressively single—you know what I mean, Santa Cruz—then we connected on that level. She never thought she would get married, I never thought I was capable of marriage. I would have been interested but I was too busy with other stuff. The rest is history.




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