Comedy Fans Guide to 3rd Annual Chico Comedy Festival


Chico Comedy banner realOn Saturday April 8th, get ready, as 50 comics from Chico, LA, SF and Sacramento converge on downtown Chico. This is a chance to laugh, in some cases for free, and take a deep breath. For a change.

It can be confusing to wrap your mind around a festival atmosphere, you  want to be able to see as much as you can, so here’s what it looks like.

On Saturday, April 8th starting at 6pm comics will begin checking into our HQ at The Naked Lounge. This is a good place for fans to check out, as you can questions from our crew.

Beginning at 7:30pm at Has Beans is a locals mic, that will feature some of the best of Chico comedians.

Then at 8pm, it really kicks in. You can go to Trucker, Naked Lounge or LaRocca Tasting Room and see a 2 hour show of the best comics from California. The shows move fast as comics only get 7 minutes to make you laugh, before the next one goes on.

Also at 8pm is the Duffy’s Tavern show and The B Street show, these are $5 and they get jammed quick, so make an effort to get there early.

At 10pm you can go to the Pageant Theatre and see a Mystery Science Theatre style show as a classic movie (1960’s Little Shop of Horrors) is riffed on by 3 of the Bay Areas best comics. Unique, live and a once in a lifetime show. Giveaways and for mature audiences only.

Also at 10pm is the annual Blue Room Comedy Massacre. 50 comedians perform in this 3+ hour marathon. All money goes to the Blue Room. For hardcore comedy fans only.

Here then is the schedule: (subject to change)


8pm HOST Don Ashby

8:10 Joey Avery

8:20 Ash Fisher

8:30 Joe Gorman

8:40 Aviva Siegel

8:50 Mikey Walz

9:00 Sean McKenzie

9:10 Chris Riggins

9:20 Mark Smalls

9:30 Chad Opitz

9:40 Chris Storin

9:50 Samantha Gilweit



8:00 HOST Travis Dowdy

8:10 Jesse Hett

8:20 Krista Fatka

8:30 Mark Smalls

8:40 Virginia Jones

8:50 Kristee Ono

9:00 Joe Gorman

9:10 Chris Storin

9:20 Emily Catalano

9:30 Samantha Gilweit

9:40 Chris Riggins

9:50 Dave Ross


La Rocca Tasting Room

8:00 HOST Becky Lynn

8:10 Aviva Siegel

8:20 Chris Storin

8:30 Sean McKenzie

8:40 Jesse Hett

8:50 Chris Riggins

9:00 Emily Catalano

9:10 Mean Dave

9:20 Joe Gorman

9:30 Dave Ross

9:40 Mark Smalls

9:50 Virginia Jones



8pm HOST Jason Allen

7:30 Locals Showcase

8:10pm Chad Opitz

8:20 Erik Krasner

8:30 Keith Lowell Jensen

8:40 Jeremy Leather

8:50 Joey Avery

9:00 Mark Joseph Leathers

9:10 Mikey Walz

9:20 Krista Fatka

9:30 TJ Hudson

9:40 Sean McKenzie

9:50 Rachel Myles



8pm HOST Bob Backstrom

8:10pm Hosts Choice

8:20pm Hosts Choice

8:30 Emily Catalano

8:40 Ash Fisher

8:50 Chris Storin

9:00 Krista Fatka

9:10 Kristee Ono

9:20 Sean McKenzie

9:30 Keith Lowell Jensen

9:40 Jesse Hett

9:50 Mean Dave



8pm HOST Sam Weber With Beat Tape!

8:10 Samantha Gilweit

8:20 Kristee Ono

8:30 Dave Ross

8:40 Mean Dave

8:50 Keith Lowell Jensen

9:00 Ash Fisher

9:10 Joey Avery

9:20 Aviva Siegel

9:30 Virginia Jones

9:40 Krasner

9:50 Chad Opitz



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