James Vergon

A long-time Santa Cruz local, James Vergon was inspired at an early age by Johnny Carson and David Letterman, but it wasn’t until early 2017 that James decided to involve himself in the local comedy scene with a humorous and adult take on his kids, his marriage, and his obsession with poop jokes. Vergon can be seen all over the Santa Cruz Comedy Coalition open mic scene, regularly performing at The Poet and the Patriot, Blue Lounge, Bocci’s Cellar, Rosie McCann’s, and The Blue Lagoon. Vergon also donned a Star Trek uniform to debate another comic at a special Museum of Art History event. Vergon also opened for storyteller Dixie Lee Mills at her one woman comedy show “Adolescence 2.0” in June 2017.  Up for a challenge, new to the scene, but always game for stage time.


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