Drennon Davis

Drennon Davis has created an entire world, a transmitted universe full of oddball characters, strangely familiar stereotypical celebrities, and a humorous collection of DJs—all with his voice and some magic pedals on the floor. There’s a good chance if you could look inside comedy singer/songwriter Drennon Davis’ head things would be animated, slightly deranged and full of catchy tunes that you find yourself singing days and weeks after hearing. Davis is currently working on his MTV animated series “The Long Legs” and planning his next heist.

If you don’t believe SUSC check out what other people say:

“If you venture into this awkward yet ultimately rewarding late-night show, you may well come out of it thinking that Drennon Davis is a bit of a genius.”  – The Times (UK)

“it’s no surprise that a show produced by Fringe favorites the Pajama Men should possess this brand of offbeat slacker charm….Tune in,for a show that’s high on concept and adept in execution”  – The Guardian

“If Davis isn’t the world’s foremost radio impressionist he’s definitely tuned somewhere near the top… The Imaginary Radio Program may just be the most inspiring show about what you can create when your entire world revolves around radio, and not just your genitals.” – Fest Magazine

“He epitomizes a true artist.” – Chortle


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