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free shows CCF   realGreetings,

It’s tough to wrap ones brain around new festivals, so let’s break it down step-by-step.

On Saturday Night, April 18th at 8 venues throughout downtown Chico, 50 (30+ in the main fest, 20+ at the late nights) comedians will be performing.

This is the Crème de la crème of California’s comedy scene. And, I probably lost most of you with the “crème” word, but it means “the best”. By “best” I mean all of the comics have either

A. Been on Comedy Central, MTV or a feature film.

B. Performed overseas for the troops

C. Or, been voted Best in their city by a media source.

All of the shows start at 8:30pm sharp. The reason for this is that the comics perform at one venue and then walk (or run) to the next venue. All of the performers do not perform at any one venue. They are spread out. Like cream cheese on a bagel.

7 of the venues are FREE, Several (The El Rey, The Blue Room and Has Beans) are OK for ages 16 and up. There is no admission fee. So please go and support your great downtown local businesses. These include: Duffy’s Tavern, The Bear, La Rocca Tasting Room, B Street Public House, The DownLo, The Blue Room and Has Beans.

You could also go to The El Rey Theatre (again, 8:30 sharp) and see an incredible line-up with an extended set by Drennon Davis and DJ Real. If you love Flight of the Conchords, Drennon Davis is a must see. Simply hilarious and brilliant. This is the only show that has a paid ticket. It is $15 in advance, $20 at the door. This is the only way we pay for the festival, so even if you go to one of the free shows, buy a ticket. Hell, buy three. (TIX HERE: )

All of the shows end at 10:30pm, with a late nite mic starting at The DownLo and The Blue Room at 10:30.

If none of this makes sense, come to The El Rey at 6pm on Saturday April 18th and check in with our Headquarter crew and they will slowly explain to you how to see the best shows in town.

Here then is the 2015 Chico Comedy Festival Schedule (subject to acts of god, satan and man)

El Rey Theatre

8:30/8:40 HOST Yusef Swaff

8:40/8:50 Butch Escobar

8:50/9:00 DNA

9:00/9:10 Conor Kellicutt

9:10/9:20 Matt Lieb

9:20/9:30 Mean Dave

9:30/9:40 Lydia Popovich

9:40/9:50 Keith Lowell Jensen

9:50/10:00 Brendan Lynch

10:00/10:30 Drennon Davis and DJ Real


Duffy’s Tavern

8:30/8:40 HOST Aaron Standish

8:40/8:50 Drennon Davis and DJ Real

8:50/9:00 Lydia Popovich

9:00/9:10 Keith Lowell Jensen

9:10/9:20 Johnny Taylor

9:20/9:30 Butch Escobar

9:30/9:40 Ben Del Castillo

9:40/9:50 Matt Lieb

9:50/10:00 Kyle Bowen

10:00/10:30 Brendan Lynch


Madison Bear Garden

8:30/8:40 HOST Don Ashby

8:40/8:50 Chris Storin

8:50/9:00 Macho Man

9:00/9:10 Mean Dave

9:10/9:20 Brendan Lynch

9:20/9:30 Mark Joseph Leathers

9:30/9:40 Jesse Hett

9:40/9:50 Joey Avery

9:50/10:00 Cody Woods

10:00/10:30 Conor Kellicutt


La Rocca Tasting Room

8:30/8:40 HOST Jason Murray

8:40/8:50 Keith Lowell Jensen

8:50/9:00 Mark Joseph Leathers

9:00/9:10 Butch Escobar

9:10/9:20 Chad Opitz

9:20/9:30 Becky Lynn

9:30/9:40 DNA

9:40/9:50 Mean Dave

9:50/10:00 Lucia Carol Tuman

10:00/10:30 Lydia Popovich


B Street

8:30/8:40 HOST Daymon Ferguson

8:40/8:50 Ben Del Castillo

8:50/9:00 Brendan Lynch

9:00/9:10 Chad Opitz

9:10/9:20 Jesse Hett

9:20/9:30 Cody Woods

9:30/9:40 Drennon Davis

9:40/9:50 Conor Kellicutt

9:50/10:00 Macho Man

10:00/10:30 Keith Lowell Jensen



8:30/8:40 HOST Jerm Leathers

8:40/8:50 Johnny Taylor

8:50/9:00 Lucia Carol Tuman

9:00/9:10 Mikey Walz

9:10/9:20 Ben Del Castillo

9:20/9:30 Joey Avery

9:30/9:40 Nando Molina

9:40/9:50 Chris Storin

9:50/10:00 Jesse Hett

10:00/10:30 Butch Escobar


Has Beans

8:30/8:40 HOST Jason Allen

8:40/8:50 Chad Opitz

8:50/9:00 Cody Woods

9:00/9:10 Lucia Carol Tuman

9:10/9:20 Ivan Meuting

9:20/9:30 Matt Lieb

9:30/9:40 Mikey Walz

9:40/9:50 Kyle Bowen

9:50/10:00 Becky Lynn

10:00/10:30 Chris Storin


Blue Room Theatre

8:30/8:40 HOST Steve Swim

8:40/8:50 Mean Dave

8:50/9:00 Jesse Hett

9:00/9:10 Joey Avery

9:10/9:20 Chris Storin

9:20/9:30 Conor Kellicutt

9:30/9:40 DJ Real

9:40/9:50 Chad Opitz

9:50/10:00 Johnny Taylor

10:00/10:30 Matt Lieb

So, run around following your favorite performer, or settle into one of the free venues and get a good seat, or buy a ticket and enjoy the historic El Rey Theatre.

If you want to actually be a part of the show take a picture and #chicocomedyfestival on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any social media site you enjoy.

Laugh and be well my friends.





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