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DNA has produced over 3000 live events from concert series to festivals to community-minded gatherings. Recently called by the Santa Cruz Weekly, “the underground comedy czar of Santa Cruz,” DNA is busy working as a board member on  Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park and recently launched two comedy festivals. Always available for comment on anything comedy related. Find DNA at votedna@gmail.com

Phil Griffiths is a native of the UK.  Luckily, when he was a young boy his family realized the weather there is complete shit and moved to the Bay Area… where they quickly realized that if they really cared about the weather, they should have moved to Los Angeles. As far as mid-life crisis go, Phil’s wife stacks his career in stand up comedy as better than a drug addiction but worse than him having a mistress. Phil also keeps busy designing and developing web sites for people who like to give him money.

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