3rd Annual Santa Cruz Comedy Festival


laughopusThe Third Annual Santa Cruz Comedy Festival returns with comedy shows at The Poet, The Kuumbwa, The Blue Lagoon, Rosie McCann’s, Metavinyl, 99 Bottles, The Rio Theatre, Streetlight Records and more.

On Saturday, October 15th, 75 comedians race around downtown Santa Cruz dropping hilarious sets at multiple venues. This is a unique fun festival for fans and comics. Tix for All Star Show at Kuumbwa here:

Friday October 14th Neptunes Kingdom 7pm HIGH Stakes Comedy Min-Golf Tournament $10 Contact to register
Saturday October 15th 10 Venues Dowtown* 75 Comics*
Headliner show at The Kuumbwa 8pm
Pure Pleasure All Ladies Line Up 8pm
Blue Lagoon Rock and Roll Comedy Mayhem 8pm $5 at door
Midnight Movie Comedy Riffing at The Del Mar $6.50 door
Streetlight Records Musical Comedy Showcase 6pm
The Poet and The Patriot 8pm
Metavinyl 8pm
99 Bottles 8pm
Rosie McCann’s (2 stages!) 8pm
Sunday October 16th Netflix Taping with Ian Harris at The Rio


Stay tuned to our event page for more info!



When it’s all said and done, I couldn’t be happier with our All Star Headliner Show at Kuumbwa Jazz. Each comic has appeared on TV, entertained the troops, works the clubs been voted best comic in their region or was handpicked by the festival. YES, you can run around and see all the headliners, or you can buy a ticket for this show and see them all in one comfortable, acoustically perfect room. 2 hour show!!!!! Tickets here:
8pm DNA (HOST)
8:10 Butch Escobar (Entertains the Troops)
8:20 Krista Fatka (Outside Lands)
8:30 Feel Woods (Oakland)
8:40 Marcella Arguello (@midnight)
8:50 Mark Smalls (Chico Festival headliner)
9:00 Phil Griffiths (SFCC Semi-Finalist and Co-Host)
9:10 Tony Camin (Co-creator of the Marijuanalogues)
9:20 Natasha Muse (SF Punchline)
9:30 Trevor Shane Rogers (Rooster T. Feathers)
9:40 Kaseem Bentley (Viceland)
9:50 Keith Lowell Jensen (Sac Punchline)
10:00 Chad Opitz (Doc’s Lab)
10:10 Dave Ross (Drunk History)

On Saturday October 15th at Pure Pleasure is a very intimate night of comedy.

8pm Irene Tu (Host)   8:10 Nicole Calisch 8:25 Casey Ley 8:40 Natasha Muse 8:55 Becky Lynn 9:10 Virginia Jones 9:25 Marcella Arguello


On Saturday October 15th, The Blue Lagoon goes full ROCK AND ROLL when former Blue Lagoonies House Band drummer, Elijah Stoll returns with his new band: Best Buds. They are the house band, hosts are James Francisco Matthews, Justin Ivey, Andy Ross and Shwa Smith.
8pm Band
8:20 Comedy
8:30 Butch Escobar
8:40 Brandon Stokes
8:50 Alejandro Ochoa
9:00 Feel Woods
9:10 Benedict DelCastillo
9:20 Matt Curry
9:30 Mark Smalls
9:40 Kevin O’Shea
9:50 Joe Bates

Saturday October 15th at 8pm there is a FREE ALL AGES comedy show at Metavinyl Records. Hosted by comedic singer/songwriter Anthony De Guzman Jr. there are FREE picture discs of a Japanese all girl band for the first 20 people!
8pm Anthony De Guzman Jr. (Host)
8:10 Shannon Murphy (San Jose Nanny and Cyber Bully)
8:20 Mark Smalls (All Star headliner)
8:30 Joe Bates (Chicago)
8:40 Shaun Lamar (Hippie Shaun!)
8:50 Andrew Holmgren (Viceland Flophouse)
9:00 Sam Weber (Local producer/promoter)
9:10 Sean McKenzie (Anxiety Poster Child)
9:20 Andrew Moore and Spencer DeVine!! (Comedic Duo Illuminati)

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall is going off on Saturday October 15th at 8pm. It’s FREE and stacked with comedians. Hosted for the third year in a row by Steve Robinson get there early for seats. They say it’s the biggest night of the year after the World Cup.
8pm Steve Robinson (host)
8:10 Chad Opitz (Doc’s Lab)
8:20 Virginia Jones (Portlandia)
8:30 Dave Ross (Drunk History)
8:40 Phil Griffiths (SFCC Semi-Finalist ’16)
8:50 Benedict DelCastillo (SJ Improv)
9:00 Alejandro Ochoa (Dro Knows)
9:10 Krista Fatka (Destiny’s Mom)
9:20 Casey Ley (SF Punchline)
9:30 Irene Tu (SF Punchline)
9:40 DNA (Comedy Day)
9:50 Tony Camin (Co-Creator of Marijuanalogues)

One of the finest bars in Santa Cruz, Poet Patriot has been a solid room for comedy, led by Sam Weber. On Saturday, October 15th at 8pm, get ready for a hurricane of comedy. FREE SHOW
8pm-10pm It’s a Twister!
8pm Daymon Ferguson (Host and Gale Force Wind)
8:10 Marcella Arguello (@midnight)
8:20 Bryant Hicks (#HellaFunny)
8:30 Becky Lynn (Chico Comedy Festival headliner)
8:40 Ian Harris (Local legend)
8:50 Kristee Ono (SF Punchline)
9:00 Butch Escobar (Entertains the Troops)
9:10 Brandon Stokes (Viceland Flophouse)
9:20 Shannon Murphy (SJ Nanny and Cyber Bully)
9:30 Andrew Holmgren (Voice of a Generation)
9:40 Natasha Muse (SF Punchline)
9:50 Casey Ley (SF Punchline)

10:00-1pm The Roof is Coming Off
10pm Sam Weber returns to host!!!
10:10 Kevin O’Shea (LA)
10:20 Pete Munoz (SJ Kingpin)
10:30 Spencer DeVine (Musical Madness and Comedy)
10:40 Dave Ross (Drunk History)
10:50 Tony Camin (Co-creator of The Marijuanalogues)
11:00 Jon Alcabes (Santa Cruz Comic Alumni)
11:10 Mark Smalls (All Star Headliner)
11:20 Kaseem Bentley (Viceland Flophouse)
11:30 Keith Lowell Jensen (SF Punchline)
11:40 Jesse Hett (SF Joke God)
11:50 Anthony De Guzman Jr. (Sacramento Punchline)
12:00 Nicole Calasich (SF Punchline)
12:10 Sean McKenzie (Viceland Flophouse)
12:20 Benedict DelCastillo (SJ Improv)
12:30 Hannah Marianetti (Santa Cruz Comic Alumni)
12:40 Phil Griffiths (SFCC Semi Finalist ’16)
12:50 Tyler Hinz (Santa Cruz Comic Alumni)
1am to Close THE AFTERMATH and Award Ceremony led
by Sam Weber!!

On Saturday, October 15th at Rosie McCann’s features 2 stages, 50 comedians and is a mini-festival in itself. THIS IS A FREE SHOW. get there early and grab your seats.

Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub & Restaurant – Santa Cruz’s sweet back room it The Silver Fish Room.
8pm-10pm We landed a Whopper!
8pm Jesse Hett (Joke God)
8:10pm Alejandro Ochoa (Dro Knows)
8:20 Jon Alcabes (Santa Cruz Comic Alumni)
8:30 Keith Lowell Jensen (Sac Punchline)
8:40 Kaseem Bentley (Viceland Flophouse)
8:50 Chad Opitz (Doc’s Lab)
9:00 Ben Rice (Sac Punchline)
9:10 Ian Harris (local legend)
9:20 Pete Munoz (SJ Kingpin)
9:30 Bryant Hicks (#Hellafunny)
9:40 David Roth (Destiny’s Mom)
9:50 MooreDevine (Comedic Duo)
Starting at 10pm The Silver Room is Landed
10pm Justin Gomes (Sylvan Productions HOST)
10:10 Feel Woods (All Star headliner)
10:20 Andrew Holmgren (Viceland)
10:30 Brandon Stokes (Comedic Genuis)
10:40 Shannon Murphy (SJ Nanny and Cyber Bully)
10:50 Sean McKenzie (Anxiety Poster Child)
11:00pm Virginia Jones (LA)
11:10 Kristee Ono (SF Punchline)
11:20 Tyler Hinz (Santa Cruz Comedy Alumni)
11:30 Kevin O’Shea (LA)
11:40 Alejandro Ochoa (Dro Knows)
The Silver Room starts The Grill with Late Night Sets
11:50 Joe Bates (Chicago HOST)
12:00 Marcella Arguello (@midnight)
12:20 Tony Camin (Co-creator of Marijuanalogues)
12:40 Dave Ross (Drunk History

2nd Stage
The Front Room is The Fishnet Room
8pm Jordan Thewlis (The Onion HOST)
8:10 Kaseem Bentley (Viceland)
8:20 Matt Curry (LA)
8:30 David Roth (Destiny’s Mom)
8:40 Sam Weber (Crow’s Nest)
8:50 Shannon Murphy (SJ Improv)
9:00 Nicole Calasich (SF Punchline)
9:10 Kevin O’Shea (LA)
9:20 Joe Bates (Chicago)
9:30 Tyler Hinz (Santa Cruz Comic Alumni)
9:40 Benedict DelCastillo takes over as HOST (SJ Improv)
9:50 Pete Munoz (SJ Kingpin)
10:00 Anthony De Guzman Jr. (Sac Punchline)
10:10 Krista Fatka (Destiny’s Mom)
10:20 Daymon Ferguson (Purple Onion at Kells)
10:30 Chad Opitz (Doc’s Lab)
10:40 Ben Rice (SJ Punchline)
10:50 Andrew Holmgren (Viceland)
11:00 Trevor Shane Rogers (All Star headliner and HOST)
11:10 Keith Lowell Jensen (Sac Punchline)
11:20 Shannon Murphy (San Jose Improv)
11:30 Kristee Ono (SF Punchline)
11:40 Matt Curry (LA)
11:50 Headliner Butch Escobar closes out the room







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