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Elize-Skinner-Top-Secret-Comedy-Club-LondonEliza Skinner goes beyond being a stand-up comedian, she does it all! She’s a comedian, writer, actress and musician. Eliza has appeared on The Pete Holmes Show, @Midnight, Chelsea Lately, Upload with Shaquille O’Neal, MTV, Showtime, AMC and the BBC. She’s performed in festivals all over the world and Patton Oswalt called her one of his favorite up-and-coming comedians. She’s currently a staff writer for The Late Late Show with James Corden as well and has been a correspondent on many other productions.


Now Santa Cruz has a chance to see her perform at DNA’s Comedy Lab this Saturday 5/18 for an early show and a late show! Don’t miss her!


Tickets Here for the Early Show 7:30

Tickets here for the Late Show 10:00 pm




Stand Up Santa Cruz: You’re originally from Virginia , is that where you started stand-up comedy?


Eliza Skinner: No I actually started in New York!


SUSC: Oh really? Did you go to New York with the intent of pursuing comedy or did it just come into your life there?


ES: I more just ended up doing stand-up. I was living there and I got into Improv, then I got into sketch and then I got right into stand-up. Because what’s great about stand-up is it’s just you, you don’t have to coordinate other people’s schedules or bring any props.


SUSC: What made you decide to enter into that new world of comedy and make a change performance wise?


ES: Well it was a change but not a complete change, I actually still do improv. But Improv isn’t really much of a job. It’s also like putting your comedy away into a well and no one will see it after the moemnt where you said and did what was in the show. That’s hard to make into a career. So from there I went into sketch writing, where I took those sorts of ideas I had at Improv shows and actually wrote them down. Then I got into into stand-up becuase it was a more pure form of joke writing and comedy, it’s just thoughts. Now I’ve been doing it for about 10 years.


SUSC: 10 years, that’s awesome. I feel like right now there’s a kind of wave that’s going on within the comedy world and with women. We’re seeing more women writers and women comedians come into the light. Have you felt that shift?


ES: There are definitely more women at shows now then when I first started. It used to be that there might be two women on a show and now there’s shows that are all women.


SUSC: It’s amazing to see that and I’m curious if you have any ideas of what we can do to keep this momentum alive and keep pushing it forward.


ES: I think mostly going to shows, go see the women perform and support them.


SUSC: Absolutely. Last but not least: You’ve been doing comedy for a long time now and you’ve evolved quite a bit from then in your career, is there anything you wish someone would’ve told you at the beginning?


ES: That it takes a long time but you should be patient. I remember hearing that it would be two years before you were good at all and I felt that was ridiculous like I can’t wait that long! But really it’s more like 10 years but it takes a long time and you just have to keep doing it.


SUSC: Be patient and keep going, that’s solid advice! We’ll be patiently waiting for you to come visit us in Santa Cruz!


Interviewed by: Mac Ruiz


Don’t forget to check out Eliza Skinner at DNA’s Comedy Lab in Downtown Santa Cruz!




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